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Lincoln University links student entrepreneurs with mentors

Successful business leaders are bringing their personal experiences to share with Lincoln University students. The Lincoln University's Center of Excellence in Business and Entrepreneurial Studies "Oxandrolone Powder India" launched a new program on Thursday with a "Mentorpreneurial Forum."

A diverse group of entrepreneurship mentors will be available for the students to help provide direction and practical advice as the young people begin their path into the business world.

"I believe an event like this is very Testoviron 250 O Sustanon 250 beneficial to the student body, especially those who are business majors and entrepreneurship minors," said Lincoln student Mark Holder, president of the university's Entrepreneurship Club.

"I think it's very beneficial, especially when we get the opportunity to see Buy Cheap Jintropin Online people that have "Oxandrolone Powder India" been in our shoes at one time and have made it. They're success stories for us, and it gives us the motivation to strive to do the things they have been doing," he said. "When I'm ready to branch out and to do my own thing I will already have the right contacts."

The mentors taking part in the forum included L. Jay Bucks, Leexan Hong, Barbara Garland, Theme Halide, J. Michael Jenkins, Geoffrey Kent, Tarzana McCormick, Dean Musser, Shawn Myers, Randy Noel, Vibert Sahadatalli, Sheldon Saidman, Chuck Singleton, Dwight Taylor, Devona Williams, Lawrence Williams and Gary Michelson, who served as moderator for the panel discussion and question and answer session Testosterone Cypionate Makes Me Tired that began the forum.

Most of the student questions dealt with the basic elements of business, 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron but the mentoring will take the students further into the practical side of business creation.

Michelson is the chairman of the advisory committee for the Business and Entrepreneurship program and a Lincoln graduate. He believes the connections being made can have a strong impact on the students.

"Especially when we start getting into the case studies when we take a situation and have the students simulate a business, they'll need Turinabol Ciccone help putting that plan together and carrying it out," he said. "The other thing we're going to do is have a business plan writing competition at the end of the year and they'll be rewarded financially and perhaps get the seed money to start the business."

University President Ivory Nelson sees the focus on entrepreneurship as a positive move for Lincoln students.

"They'll be able to go out and do anything they want. If they want to go in the work world they can do it, if they want to create their own business they can do it," he said. "We want our young people to be entrepreneurs. Business, accounting

and finance are the skills that will assist them but as they learn business accounting and finance we want them to think about going out and developing their own businesses and being creative."

Additional mentors are still being sought. Mentoring opportunities are available for individuals who have an understanding and working knowledge of general business fundamentals, an understanding "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" of essential elements of a business plan.

Prospective mentors may have held an executive or senior leadership position, or have started their own business.


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